Company profile

MBK Production is fast growing company with impressive revenue growth thanks in part to its focus on bundling services for clients, investing in  employees and in quality of projects.

With a dedicated focus on productions in Germany, Serbia and Macedonia our teams are located in Berlin and Belgrade and are composed of local professionals with strong local relationships and market knowledge. Through the combination of its size, local status and independent fund, MBK Production enjoys a distinct advantage in sourcing and executing projects. MBK Production seeks media leading companies and broadcasters worldwide and, in partnership with managements, to grow and create Film/TV productions over the long term. Through active participation, investment and guaranteed production quality -our team works tight with partner managements, develops strategies, optimizes structures and budgets to build values.

MBK Production is established in 2007 by MBK MenschenBildungKultur, Sabeo Film and MBK Production-Medien. Home based in Berlin MBK Production founded MBK Production Belgrade in 2009.